depression generalized anxiety disorder


I’ve slept too much today, and yet not enough. I was sick last night from slight food poisoning (bad shrimp), so I didn’t get much sleep during the night. I chose to sleep in this morning and miss church, which I already feel bad about. I’m still floating between awake and asleep after taking an afternoon nap. I feel groggy and confused. I can’t concentrate on anything, and it’s a struggle to just type this blog post, but I’m not sure how well I’ll be feeling tomorrow. I might sleep in again. Who knows?

My heart did something really weird this morning while I was laying in bed. My breathing is usually shallow because I have such small lungs, but all of a sudden, I was able to take in a deep breath as I lay in my bed; I mean a DEEP breath, the kind they take in those Ricolla commercials. The air filled up the entire space of my lungs, and when I released, my heart started pumping furiously. I could hear the THUMP THUMP THUMP right in my ear. It was going too fast, and I started to panic a little. Then it stopped. It was really weird and I held my chest tight until I fell asleep again.

There aren’t many hours until it’s nighttime, so I’ll be able to go to sleep soon and try again tomorrow. I feel like everything is hazy and blurry. Out of focus. I hope I’m better tomorrow.


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