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The New York Times “Stigmatized” Students Suffering Anxiety Issues

New York Times Students Suffering Anxiety Issues

The NYTimes’ “Well” blog makes getting treatment for students on campus a stigma. Logo (c) NYTimes.

I try to avoid the news, and this is why. It pisses me off. Students suffering anxiety issues have been stigmatized by the NYTimes’ blog “Well” for putting a strain on college mental health treatment centers. Putting a strain? These young adults are already stressed enough, and now, this Hoffman blogger is saying students suffering anxiety issues are a BURDEN? Read full post here…


4 thoughts on “The New York Times “Stigmatized” Students Suffering Anxiety Issues

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is true that older generations who suffered from stress were told to just deal with it. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and get on with life. Some people could, some could not. We all need to be more understanding of someone who has anxiety issues. Be a good listener. That would be a big help right there.


  2. gettingthroughanxiety says:

    I didn’t read the article yet, but you are totally right. It’s bad enough that sometimes people who struggle with anxiety feel like they are a burden to the ones they love, let alone having to hear that the people that are supposed to be educating them feel the same way. You are absolutely right that people are no different today than they were in the past, we are just able to open up more about how we feel.

    I also hate how those who suffer from anxiety and other mental issues are stigmatized. When I was in college, I struggled with anxiety a lot and I always felt like people thought I was mentally slow or disabled in some way. This is why I always feel the need to explain what I go through; people can be so misunderstanding.

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    • anxietybug88 says:

      Yeah. It sounds to me like the people at this school in the article either haven’t suffered from mental illness and have a complete misunderstanding of it, or they are in the wrong careers. When I go to a medical center, I want the people there to be caring and kind, not judgmental. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s nice to know others think the same way!

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