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Depressive Episodes Or Anger Anxiety – Which Is It?

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I’ve got so many FEELS.

I get these depressive episodes sometimes… like, I wouldn’t call them part of my depression. At least not entirely. They’re more like episodes where I want to fling the entire world into the depths of the universe like a javelin thrower knocking it out of the ballpark. Read entire post…

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12 thoughts on “Depressive Episodes Or Anger Anxiety – Which Is It?

  1. clairerich2015 says:

    I agree with you about the anger stemming not from bi-polar but, in essence, fear. A this under pins anxiety disorders it makes sense. My psychotherapist explained that quite often anger is rooted in fear, even though we may not perceive it to be as such (which I didn’t. For a long time!) I was actually depressed for years but had no idea and just assumed I was a born worrier. The anxiety was a by – product of my depression and shot self-esteem. It wasn’t until I began to address the depression that my anxiety started to lift as well. We’re all created differently, though. I suppose what never stops is looking for the ‘why’. What we all have in common caused me to be like this etc. It takes time and effort but you’ll find your peace eventually πŸ™‚ have faith that it will happen and you’ll be able to be happy. Sending you lots of love x

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  2. clairerich2015 says:

    Some of that made no sense, what I meant to type was: what we all have in common is looking for the ‘why’, as this ever stops. We question ‘what caused me to be like this?’ . That’s better πŸ˜‰ forgive me, it’s early x

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  3. lindamartha says:

    Wow. This sounds really familiar to me as well. I always felt that my anxiety sometimes built up enough to give me a trigger happy sort of response towards some people but I’ve never asked anybody about it. I’ll ask my counselor now though.

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    • anxietybug88 says:

      It never hurts to ask! I’m lucky to have found a counselor that I can be truly open with. If you feel comfortable enough with your counselor, I’d definitely tell her everything that’s going on and ask her (or him) if there’s something more to the “trigger happy” reactions.

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