Weekly Post Update: July Week 3

Another day, another update. But this one features my interview with mental health author and award winner Marya Hornbacher (Friday’s post)! I also turned 27 on July 12th, so, hurray for being old!

Sunday, July 12th: Turning 27 – What My Age Has Taught Me
Monday, July 13th: Tired Tales From The Realm Of Amberland
Tuesday, July 14th: My Second Liebster Award – Thank You, Lauren!
Wednesday, July 15th: The Two-Year Switcheroo – Treating Endometriosis
Thursday, July 16th: The Difference Between Anxiety Attacks And Panic Attacks
Friday, July 17th: “Two Coffees, Please.” My Interview With Marya Hornbacher

Yeah, I didn’t post anything Saturday. So sue me.


Weekly Post Update – July Week 2

Sorry this is so late! My folks and I went down to Rochester for my dad’s cancer surgery, and he didn’t recover as quickly as expected, so we were stuck down there a couple more days. The surgery was highly successful, though, so no worries.

Sunday, July 5th: Sinking – The Trigger Of Depression
Monday, July 6th: Blogging 101 – Who I Am And Why I’m Here and Anxiety Relaxation Tips – Hydrotherapy And Water Healing
Tuesday, July 7th: Blogging 101 – The Meaning Behind My Title And Tagline and Dad’s Surgery
Wednesday, July 8th: Blogging 101 – Read As Much As You WriteThursday, July 9th: Blogging 101 – Identify Your Audience and Health Mile Marker – How I Went From 83 To 93 LBS
Friday, July 10th: The Cat Is Breathing Heavily (And Other Morning Musings)
Saturday, July 11th: Good News! – Dad’s Surgery Results

Will update again on Friday. In the meantime, if you haven’t subscribed by email to my new site, do so now! I’m posting everything there, so if you don’t want to wait for Friday post updates, subscribe!


Weekly Post Update – July Week 1

new website

Remember when I said that at the end of June, I would be switching over to my own self-hosted website? Well, the time has come! But also, as I promised, I’m giving you a weekly update of the posts I’ve made on that site. If you haven’t subscribed via email to updates from my site, do it now! That way, you won’t miss a bit of the action! (Well… I wouldn’t call it action… I don’t know if I’m that interesting.)

Monday: Nominated For The Liebster Award – Time To Nominate Others!Tuesday: College Campuses Ban Students Suffering Mental Health Issues, Guest Post For bylaurenhayley – The Importance Of Compassion
Wednesday: Jury Duty For The Mentally Ill – Are You Fit To Serve?
Thursday: Seasonal Affective Disorder – What Is It And Who Does It Affect?
Friday: What Is Wrong With Me? [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]
Saturday: Club Can’t Handle My Freedom – An American Holiday

I’m also participating in #NaBloPoMo, National Blog Post Month, so there will be daily posts on my website. Once again, if you haven’t subscribed to email updates on my new site, do so now!