Weekly Post Update – July Week 1

new website

Remember when I said that at the end of June, I would be switching over to my own self-hosted website? Well, the time has come! But also, as I promised, I’m giving you a weekly update of the posts I’ve made on that site. If you haven’t subscribed via email to updates from my site, do it now! That way, you won’t miss a bit of the action! (Well… I wouldn’t call it action… I don’t know if I’m that interesting.)

Monday: Nominated For The Liebster Award – Time To Nominate Others!Tuesday: College Campuses Ban Students Suffering Mental Health Issues, Guest Post For bylaurenhayley – The Importance Of Compassion
Wednesday: Jury Duty For The Mentally Ill – Are You Fit To Serve?
Thursday: Seasonal Affective Disorder – What Is It And Who Does It Affect?
Friday: What Is Wrong With Me? [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]
Saturday: Club Can’t Handle My Freedom – An American Holiday

I’m also participating in #NaBloPoMo, National Blog Post Month, so there will be daily posts on my website. Once again, if you haven’t subscribed to email updates on my new site, do so now!


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