Monthly Post Update – July Weeks 4/5 – August Weeks 1/2

Oh my goodness, have I gotten behind. It’s been a pretty intense month.

Before I get started updating you with the past month’s posts, I wanted to let you guys know that my dad’s cancer appears to be gone in his colon and prostate, and he had the two liver spots removed via surgery, which you can read about in the posts below. They did find two nodules on his lungs in this last CT scan, but they’re too small to take a biopsy of, so we just have to keep an eye on them. Thank you to all who were supportive of me during this time. It means a lot!

Alrighty, on to the posts!

July Week 4:

Sunday, July 19th – Pointless Rambling and Hospital Updates
Monday, July 20th – Blogging 101: A Brilliant Disguise
Tuesday, July 21st – Animal-Assisted Therapy: My Sister’s New Career and Blogging 101: Increase Your Commenting Confidence
Wednesday, July 22nd – Blogging 101: #DearDepression
Thursday, July 23rd – Just Say You’re Sorry: How Admitting Your Mistakes Can Improve Your Mental Health
Friday, July 24th – Kind Blogger Award & Liebster Award #3
Saturday, July 25th – Riveting Writing: From Art Major To Published Author

July Week 5:

Monday, July 27th – Murky Monday
Tuesday, July 28th – Anxiety Relaxation Tips: Get Your Zen On
Wednesday, July 29th – Let’s Talk About Body Image
Friday, July 31st – The Physical Effects of Shame
Saturday, August 1st – Why Dealing With Emotions Now Is Better For You

August Week 1:

Monday, August 3rd – The Sunshine Blogger Award And My Nominees
Tuesday, August 4th – How Honesty Can Improve Your Mental Health
Wednesday, August 5th – Keeping Up With Amber
Thursday, August 6th – Why I Don’t Care About Dating
Friday, August 7th – My Upcoming New And Beautiful Blog

August Week 2:

Monday, August 10th – The Fear Of Losing A Parent
Tuesday, August 11th – The Stray Kitten In Our Yard
Wednesday, August 12th – The Reality Of Male Mental Health And Suicide

That’s all she wrote. So far, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Post Update – July Weeks 4/5 – August Weeks 1/2

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