The Perfection Game – How To Beat Perfectionism Anxiety

the perfection game how to beat perfectionism anxiety

Has anyone ever played Perfection? You know, the game that scares the ever-living crap out of you when the timer runs out by exploding basic geometrical shapes in your face? No matter if you get all the pieces in in time, it will still explode and you will still have ten years of your life scared out of you. Read entire post on my website…


What Does The Bible Say About Depression And Anxiety? – Part 1

Did you know that some of the most famous people in the Bible suffered from anxiety and depression? Until a few years ago, I had no notion of this amazing fact. I had no inkling that anyone in the Bible suffered from mental illness. I mean, why would they? Weren’t they free of any terrible maladies? Didn’t God keep his most faithful in perfect health? Read entire post…

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